Out of sync

[For the version in Romanian, visit DOR] In 1987, the year I was born, my sister, Ana-Sînziana, was one month shy of six years old. Our doctor parents had carefully calculated the births of their children, navigating between the important milestones in their careers. Which is why the age difference between us was the size … Continue reading Out of sync


Trying to get this story out of my head, Pulling at the string of letters across the page. Words turn out to be so heavy, digging their heels in. The tail of a "y" slips from between my fingers And I've lost it again, slithering snake of thoughts Hiding in the dark at the back … Continue reading Labor

Good night

His forehead had that coarse frown of concentration. But his eyelids were little birds, fluttering around, as he followed the game on his tablet, all serious and tense. She hadn't seen anything more beautiful. She wanted to say something to him. But he'd hate the word beautiful, not masculine enough. So she flipped from side … Continue reading Good night


[For the version in Romanian, visit DOR] In a black and white picture of three-year-old me you can see the face I spent my entire childhood and a considerable chunk of my teenage years displaying: compact bangs, so thick they seemed to bulge towards the camera. Just beneath them, the gigantic plastic frame of my … Continue reading Blur

One day

The crusty green paint on the bench revealed a delicate web of black cracks. An intricate pattern which resembled the lace of shadowy wrinkles on the old man’s face, as though the both of them had been resting there, in that park, for a little too long. His suit, old-fashioned and a little worn here … Continue reading One day

Me too.

[Scroll down or click here for Romanian.] For a while, as a kid, I used to do quite a lot of sport, taking part in a lot of different sports activities organized by the same instructor. In spring and in summer we played tennis and we swam. When it became too cold and rainy to … Continue reading Me too.

Dream Management

[Scroll down or click here for Romanian.] The first time I heard of Mirela Oprea, I was reading a story in the Romanian independent magazine called DOR. In the article, Mirela had taken on the role of fairy godmother to Mădălina, a 19-year-old mother of two from a poor village in Romania. Mădălina was forced to … Continue reading Dream Management