[For the version in Romanian, visit DOR] In a black and white picture of three-year-old me you can see the face I spent my entire childhood and a considerable chunk of my teenage years displaying: compact bangs, so thick they seemed to bulge towards the camera. Just beneath them, the gigantic plastic frame of my … Continue reading Blur

Me too.

[Scroll down or click here for Romanian.] For a while, as a kid, I used to do quite a lot of sport, taking part in a lot of different sports activities organized by the same instructor. In spring and in summer we played tennis and we swam. When it became too cold and rainy to … Continue reading Me too.

Dream Management

[Scroll down or click here for Romanian.] The first time I heard of Mirela Oprea, I was reading a story in the Romanian independent magazine called DOR. In the article, Mirela had taken on the role of fairy godmother to Mădălina, a 19-year-old mother of two from a poor village in Romania. Mădălina was forced to … Continue reading Dream Management