Back when you were my rock, I so wanted to be as strong as you, and I was just a pebble rolling in the waves, head over heels in love with you head over heels drowning, dizzy, underwater. But I saw you today and you were not a rock, most definitely not, just a human … Continue reading Geology


Trying to get this story out of my head, Pulling at the string of letters across the page. Words turn out to be so heavy, digging their heels in. The tail of a "y" slips from between my fingers And I've lost it again, slithering snake of thoughts Hiding in the dark at the back … Continue reading Labor

Good night

His forehead had that coarse frown of concentration. But his eyelids were little birds, fluttering around, as he followed the game on his tablet, all serious and tense. She hadn't seen anything more beautiful. She wanted to say something to him. But he'd hate the word beautiful, not masculine enough. So she flipped from side … Continue reading Good night


What if I could stretch my mind across these idle parasites who lie atop my thoughts, nibbling and suckling, and peel off this foreign future to find my past inside, still unripe, like an elderly worm, that I could bring to life and hang out in the sunlight and be me? Întrebare Ce-ar fi dac-aș … Continue reading Question


Mornings smear my forehead with thoughts. Like a thin book in a bookshelf, I am crammed between questions and fears. My eyelids pierce through enemy lines and I call out: sleep, come and save me! while this wild and wicked light, its belly full of foes, sinks its hooves into my cheeks... Luptă Dimineața îmi … Continue reading Battle